За моите създатели

"Selur Pharma" was established in 2007, as a result of research and development project implementation aimed at the use of the latest scientific achievements in the field of probiotics and synbiotics.

Production facilities are located in the town of Razgrad, main activity is scientific research and manufacturing activity, focused on creation of healthy food in the form of food supplements.

Advanced technology and up-to-date equipment by leading manufacturers in the world as KILIAN, BOSCH, VIRTIS, IL SHIN, HITACHI, HITEMA, CECCATO allow to produce freeze dried substances all alone, mainly on the base of special strains of lactic acid bacteria, selected by our microbiologists from pristine areas in Bulgaria and abroad.

Our company owns branded strains of lactic acid bacteria with unique properties, tested by controlled clinical trial in Spain, Russia and Slovenia and registered in the National Bank for Industrial Microorganisms and Cell Cultures.

The company has implemented system for quality control HACCP.

For more information: Official website of Selur Pharma